TaoTribes Merchants

TaoTribes Merchants

Today, everyone seems to be focused on the global economy. But here at TaoTribes, we begin at the beginning – locally owned, small businesses.  Our goal and mission is to empower these community based businesses to increase brand loyalty, reach new customers and receive real time feedback from their customers to ensure their businesses will grow and increase in profitability.

TaoTribes understands how important small businesses are to the national as well as international economies – In the US alone

  • Small businesses create over 70% of all new jobs
  • Pay almost 50% of the nation’s private payroll
  • Generate over 50% of the US private gross domestic product

Our web-based platform allows you, as the merchant to retain complete control of the deals that are offered to Tribe Members. 

  • TaoTribes will never change the terms or price of any deal offered
  • There is no cost to the business to become a participating TaoTribes Merchant
  • A small deposit is paid directly to TaoTribes by the customer, to reserve the discounted deal
  • TaoTribes Members pay merchants directly for all products and services rendered at the time of the transaction (less the deposit paid to TaoTribes)
  • Participating TaoTribes Merchants will never pay any fee directly to TaoTribes.  The only fee paid is the deposit by the customer
  • Merchants can edit, relist, pause or stop deals at any time
  • Locally based TaoTribes Marketers are available to assist and support you in creating compelling deals to drive new customers through your doors

By partnering with TaoTribes, locally owned, small business owners gain the ability to market their goods and services on a local as well as national level – FOR FREE - Social Media – including; targeted FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram ads, customer incentive programs, verified customer reviews and much more.  You can also cross promote your partnership with TaoTribes on your own business website and business Social Media platforms.  Working together, we can accomplish the AMAZING! 

Service Fee Calculation Chart:

Value the Deal

Deposit (fee) we charge



$10 and up

10% of the deal

About Us

  • TaoTribes’ mission is simple and rewarding – Helping tribe shoppers find the most valuable deals locally, or across the country, while simultaneously promoting, empowering and assisting independent, local business owners to grow their customer base.
  • Featuring special deals, created directly by TaoTribes Merchants for products and services which include; restaurants, health & beauty, auto services, home repair services, entertainment, getaways and so much more!
  • Our enthusiasm and dedication to the TaoTribes mission ensures our constant efforts to locate the best local businesses that offer exciting, valuable local deals!
  • TaoTribes’ goal is to provide a win, win for our Tribe members – both shoppers and merchants!  Working together, we can accomplish amazing results – in communities large and small, all across the nation and throughout the world.